Prayers at Church

Upon Entering Church

I will enter thy house through the abundance of thy mercy; I will bow down toward thy holy temple in the fear of thee. Lead me, O Lord, in thy righteousness because of my enemies; make thy way straight before me; That I may glorify thee forever, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Amen. (Ps. 5:7-8)

Upon Leaving Church

Lord, now let thy servant depart in peace, according to thy word. For my eyes have seen thy salvation which thou hast prepared before the face of all people, a light to lighten the Gentiles, and to be the glory of thy people Israel. (Lk 2:29-32)

Ceremonial Actions in Church

The ceremonial acts of crossing, kneeling, bowing, and the like, whether by ministers or the people, are made as acts of reverence. A general guide is: to make the sign of the Cross before and after the liturgy, at the end of the Creed, before the Gospel, when the priest turns with the Sacrament toward the people, in the absolution, in the blessing, and before the holy images; to bow at the holy Name of Jesus and toward the Altar in passing, and on entering and leaving the church; to genuflect in the Creed at the mention of the Incarnation, and before and after approaching the Altar for Communion.

Prayers for Communion

See: Advent Service Book

Preparations for Communion

"O MOST Merciful God and heavenly Father, who is ever ready to receive those who turn to thee in faith, love, and repentance, look with compassion, I beseech thee, upon me who comes to be cleansed in the precious Blood of Jesus Christ. Grant me the Light of the Holy Spirit that, truly repenting of my sins, earnestly resolved to lead a new life, and in love and charity with all men, I may obtain thy pardon and forgiveness, and may receive to my soul's salvation the precious Body and Blood of Jesus Christ; who with thee and the Holy Spirit reigns, One God, world without end. Amen." (Communion Collect)

"O Master, Lover of mankind, O Lord Jesus Christ my God, let not these holy Things be unto me for judgment through my being unworthy, but unto the purification and sanctification of soul and body, and as a pledge of the Life and Kingdom to come. For it is good for me to cleave unto God, to put my hope of salvation in the Lord. Of thy Mystical Supper, O Son of God, receive me today as a communicant: for I will not speak of the Mystery to thy enemies; neither will I give thee a kiss as Judas did, but like the thief do I confess thee-- Remember me, O Lord, in thy Kingdom." (Communion Troparia)

Before Receiving Communion

O Savior of the world, who by thy Cross and precious Blood has redeemed us: save us and help us, we humbly pray, O Lord. And grant that we may receive these holy Gifts to our salvation and to thy honor and glory.

After Receiving

Blessed, praised, and hallowed is our Lord Jesus Christ on his Throne of Glory and in his most holy Sacrament of the Altar. O my Savior, I love thee, I adore thee, and I thank thee for the sacred Gifts of thy Body and Blood. Praise the Lord, O my soul, and all that is within praise his holy Name.

Thanksgiving after Communion

O most blessed Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, we love thee, we adore thee, we worship thee, and we thank thee for these the holy Mysteries of thy Body and Blood. Grant us that we may go forth in thy strength and live as befits those to whom thou hast deigned to come. Let us ever remember the sacred Gifts which we have received, and in joy or sorrow, adversity or prosperity, let us recollect thy abiding Presence. Let us never defile the temple wherein thou dost abide. Keep us pure in thought, word, deed, and grant us so to follow thee in this world, that in the world to come we may see thee face to face and dwell with thee in thy heavenly Kingdom, world without end. Amen.

Lord Jesus Christ our God, may thy sacred Body be for me unto everlasting life, and thy precious Blood unto remission of sins. May this Eucharist be for me unto joy, health, and gladness. And at thy dread second coming, account me, a sinner, worthy to stand on the right hand of thy glory; by the prayers of thy most holy Mother and of all the Saints. Amen.